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SGC is an innovative solution answering the problem of crypto world instability by giving your coin real world value that increases with time

Project Nature

  • You buy our tokens
  • We build digital platform for mineral trading and gold mining plant
  • You use your token to buy gold from our plant through our platform

you buy our token to...

Hedge Risks


  • 1 June 2018 Start of the SGC Project
  • SGC Platform: 1 month Concept Development

    Completing project documentation, which describes platform’s architecture in terms of its technical logistics, principal features and content, user interactions, quality control systems, economic and computer engineering requirements.

  • SGC Platform: 1 month Prototype Development

    Creating an interactive platform prototype, which is similar to the future ready-to-use application and is comprised of screen sets that are subdivided into functional blocks, operational modules and realization tools.

  • 5 June 2018 - 31 Oct 2018 Early Bird Pre-Sale Stage
    1 SGC Token is sold for $1.3
  • SGC Platform: 2 months Functional realization

    Creating and developing the modules of: a) Certificate generation b) Authorization based on the previously developed platform architecture

  • 1 Nov - 31 Nov 2018 ICO: Step 1
    1 SGC Token is sold for $1.5
  • SGC Platform: 1 month Primary Functional Realization and Testing

    Releasing the platform and performing the testing of its functional features including overall functional performance, particular units, security and localization

  • SGC Platform: 1 month Service and Token-Paid Realization

    Service realization subdividing the services into the categories of “Free” and “SGC Tokens-Paid” ones (premium analytic services, webinars, geological survey access, etc.)

  • 1 Dec - 31 Dec 2018 ICO: Step 2
    1 SGC Token is sold for $1.7
  • SGC Platform: 1 month Releasing Token-Paid Services and Testing

    Introducing the “Token-Paid” services and testing their functional performance including single unit performance, security and localization

  • 15 Feb - 25 Mar 2019 ICO: Step 3
    1 SGC Token is sold for $2.47
  • SGC Platform: Indefinitely Project Technical Support and statistical analytics collection

    Supporting the platform functionality through its administration, bug elimination, minor feature introduction and collecting user statistics, which allows to improving platform quality and efficiency.

  • Q1-Q2 2019 Developing Modular Mining

    On the land, granted to SGC Project by Concession Agreement with Sudanese Government, the Gold Mining Plant is built.

  • Q3 2019 Platform Gold Sale Begins

Token Disribution system

  • ICO 62%
  • PRE ICO 2%
  • Private Sale 5%
  • Team 4%
  • Bounty 3%
  • Marketing 8%
  • Strategic Investors 16%

Our Team

Head Office
image Dmitriy Konoval Founder, CEO
image Evgeniy Romanenko Community Manager
image Vitaliy Kravchenko UI/UX Designer
image Kim Sung Bong Community Manager, Korea
Sudan Office
image Kumaravelu Krishnasamy Operations Director
image Mohammed Hassan Abdalla Mohammed Director of Security & Logistics
image Elhadi Mohammed Mining Engineer
International Office
image Anthony Dominic Financial Counselor & Advisor
image Paulo Carneiro Mining & ICO Advisor
image Paul Francis ICO Investment Advisory
image Mohamed Atta Sudan Mining Advisor
image Nicholas Coppola Financial & Insurance Adviser

Media about us


  • What is SGC Platform? Why has it been created?

    SGC Platform is an innovative solution for mining enterprises. It allows everyone to keep track of the world of mining industry by providing users with charts, news, graphs, statistics and forum for discussion. Moreover, each mining enterprise can become a part of our platform and trade its minerals on it as well as each user can purchase them via SGC Platform.

    The creation of SGC Platform is a part of a bigger plan where SGC Project itself is just the first stage. That was kept in secret, yet, the current legal situation and demands in crypto-world forced us to disclose this info and make it a part of SGC Project itself.

  • What is SGC token?

    Token SGC is the digital equivalent of the real world asset - gold.

    Currently, the token is launched in the Ethereum blockchain, using the ERC-20 standard (Ethereum SGC Token), as well as in the Waves blockchain - where SGC Token identifier is 4xrnrXrokdCSXKvwG99X2ovVAkpWPyPdqwWembbGwY2C.

  • Why did your project choose Sudan as a place for mining? And why have you chosen Dubai as a place for gold storage?

    There are several reasons behind this. Sudan was under U.S. sanctions for 25 years due to its instability. Thus, most of the mined gold was transported to U.A.E as one of the few trading partners of Sudan. But during the last year, U.S. Government saw the progress of Sudan and decided to lift off these restrictions. Since then, the economy of Sudan started to grow, especially in terms of mining sector. Yet, this country still heavily needs to increase its investment attractiveness and in seeking solution for this, Sudanese Government is ready to give much better conditions in terms of legislation and taxation for newcomers. That is why, The Ministry Of Minerals Of Sudan saw a huge opportunity in SGC project. Having blockchain technologies, implemented in mining process will allow Sudan to demonstrate a new level of transparency and security of gold mining, thus - will increase its reputation. And for SGC Project that means the best conditions to start a business. Also, it is understandable why the combination of Sudan and U.A.E. as a place for gold mining and gold storing (respectively) is so efficient. These countries have a long trading history with trustful relations and the best conditions for transportation and customs clearance. No wonder they say that Dubai is the “city of gold”.

  • When is the token distribution planned to happen?

    According to requirements the token distribution should be done automatically using the Smart Contract that is currently being audited by legal entities and should be done at the end of ICO. Since SGC Project is a fully legal project, it keeps responsibility for each and every token distributed and we must not allow any speculation with tokens during the ICO stage.

  • How soon will the project meet its’ obligations on gold mining?

    The answer to this question highly depends on the amount of gathered funds, that is why our project has softcap and hardcap accordingly. But having the best conditions in mind, we expect to meet our obligations after the first quarter of gold mining process.

  • What is the current status of the project and what has been done?

    Currently the project is being rebuilt since we have included SGC Platform upwards as a part of projects’ development. We have created a legal entity in Switzerland, passed all licenses and registrations, found a trusted banking partner who will monitor and help us in all financial operations, Ceros GMBH (performing KYC and AML procedures). We have also become partners with ICO Legal Advisor, a Swiss law company, which executive enterprise, Archillex Consulting is currently working with us in terms of final licenses, legal support. From the Sudanese side, we’ve signed a series of memorandums and agreements and became a fully supported project that even deserved its own unique place as a part of internal plan of economic development of Sudan. Sudanese mining team is formed and ready for action. Thus, SGC project is almost ready to start all operations both legally and transparently.

  • How can I track the balance of tokens?

    All the information about your tokens you can get in your personal account

  • What do I have to do to buy tokens?

    If you want to buy tokens, you should register your account: registration

  • I have invested, but my tokens have not appeared, what should I do?

    Your tokens will surely arrive within 24 hours

  • I cannot register; I did not get my confirmation e-mail!?!

    Check your spam folder

  • I have requested a withdrawal from my personal account to my own wallet, but nothing happens, what should I do?

    When ICO ends (March 25), you will be able to withdraw your tokens. Please, check item #3 for explanations.

  • Where can I see your business plan?

    You can find the business plan on our website in a document, called white paper: white paper

  • What is the price for 1 SGC (Token) now?

    You can see 1 SGC price in your account. If you do not have an account, you are able to register it here.

  • How can I pay for my tokens?

    You can pay by bank transfer, or by ETH, BTC, LTC or Waves from your personal account

  • What will I get after buying tokens?

    After buying tokens you can trade it at cryptocurrency exchanges after the end of ICO, also you can get gold for it, also you should remember, that the price of token will definitely grow

  • Where can I find the status of my payment?

    You can find the status of your payments in your personal account in the «Buy ICO tokens» section