Women use talking to maintain personal relationships.


I want Jeffery to tell me what he meant by that.

I'm pretty sure Elliott and Carlos have never visited Australia.

There's no hot water on the fourth floor, but there is on the ground floor.

I don't have an accent!

Elvis succeeded.


Suyog doesn't like basketball much, but he really likes volleyball a lot.


I'm gonna withdraw some money real quick.

Please let me help.

Can you tell me what it means?

Sam went out dancing.

He said nothing to the contrary.

Just pretend you don't know me.

Vladimir and Marty invited all their friends and relatives to the wedding.

Tahsin is just getting the hang of it.

I don't trample your wheat.

You're not that hopeless.

He came to himself.

Felix is quite persuasive, isn't he?

I am singing in Berber.


I think his method of teaching has good points and bad points.


Our hypothesis is based on thorough experiments.


Louise is still where we left him.

Every time I see him, he is smiling.

Did you find out what you wanted to know?


I should've gotten up earlier this morning.

Why are you being mean to me?

Duane wondered when Alan had bought the milk that was in the refrigerator.

He has a dual personality.

This climate doesn't agree with me.

What can I get rid of?

Dreams are free, so keep on dreaming!

William may do as he likes.

Monty felt tired after working all day planting corn.

That might be fun.

That sounds pretty good.


This is my younger brother.


Can you imagine yourself alone on a boat in the middle of the ocean?

All the languages of the world are beautiful.

She is wearing a nice watch.


Do you have a few minutes?


"Do you do charity?" "Of course. Very much. I put likes and make reposts for those who need help."

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We like Green stadium.

"What time is it?" he wondered.

The water is great!

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The Stone Age ruins were discovered.

Cold weather is really good.

Snowboarding was actually a lot more fun than I expected.

I used to drink a lot.

If you wanted to improve your Spanish, you shouldn't have come to Chile.

Many American students work their way through the university.

My aunt grows tomatoes in her garden.

Rolf has to work tomorrow.

Can we get out of here now, please?

Weasels have a reputation for being elusive and cunning.

Does Pitawas have gray hair?

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Once I retire, I will dedicate my whole time to Tatoeba.

Raif clocked out at 2:30.

Manuel was caught driving without a license.

Juan made it to the airport by this morning.

As it is, I am awake.

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We can't thank you enough.

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The railroad workers are going on walkout tomorrow.


He was unable to run fast as he was over 60.

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How happy you must be to have a new baby girl!

Don't do that ever again!

Ed didn't know that Giles liked to cook.

These trees will screen our new house from public view.

I am going grey!


We won't be doing that.


He turned the doorknob with his left hand.

I'm not sure if I have the courage to ask for her number.

Jim woke up toward the end of the movie.

I decided to be a doctor.

You have our offer.


He is a thief.

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Poverty sometimes drives people to commit crimes.

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I expect it to be a lot of fun.


Will I get well soon?

I thought you didn't know her.

He played "Hamlet" on the stage.


Just because a mother happens to be beautiful it does not necessarily follow that her daughter will grow up to be the same.

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We all know how dangerous that can be.

I've wanted to tell her that I love her for a long time now.

Are you mad that you should do such a thing?


Can you show me where you live on this map?

There are more messages on Loglan mailing list than on Lojban mailing list every day.

I guess I could use the company.

He lives in the western part of town.

He has eyes at the back of his head.

Why did the alarm go off?

Do not be so critical.

Why didn't you just ask someone for directions?

A camel is a gentle and pleasant tame beast whereof there are plenty in Africa especially in the Deserts of Libya, Numidia and Barbary by which Africans estimate their own wealth.

Please, madam, help yourself!

Ghosts do not exist.


I was trying to take it easy.

This argument is utter nonsense.

You're free to go, of course.

All is to no purpose, said the Preacher, all the ways of man are to no purpose.

I'm not in any pain.


Something is missing.


You must've been asleep.


I approve of her plan.

Why don't you ask your boyfriend?

She's the official spokesperson for Tatoeba.

A snack will stay your hunger.

Is that your most favorite golf club?

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The boy makes a fool of adults.

I could kill you for what you've done.

Whose turn is it to deal the cards?

I recommend caution.

We all missed you.

He is our teacher and a person we should respect.

You ought to give up smoking; it's bad for the health.

I heard that you've got a secret admirer.

I'm washing my hands.

I like candlelight.

I'm late for school.

Terri barged through the front door.

She was wearing a mink coat.

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I can't make it alone.

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Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.

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Darryl says he hasn't had a nightmare in a long time.


Our professor paid the bill for all of us.


Pierce studied at Harvard.

The first winner of the FIFA World Cup was Uruguay.

There is neither God nor Buddha.


Ask Felix to bring Ravindranath tomorrow.

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What you said was very interesting.

We know the score.

And I answer: no.

This is the best pen.

Harv never really wanted to become a professional musician.

I worry about you all the time.

Terri regularly feeds his chooks grit to enhance egg production.

This intense heat doesn't seem to bother you.

Do you think that could ever happen again?

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I don't want to be lame; I want to be cool!!

I'd like to know where you are.

Oscar doesn't understand what you said.


Did you know that Chet was studying French?


I'll assemble a file for you.

Naim still hasn't come back.

It's worth his salt.

Naim isn't outside.

After fall comes winter.

Do you think Lyndon is still alive?

I'm going to enjoy the game.

Your parents didn't come, did they?

He, most likely, seriously studied English.

Sassan can do just about anything.

This is important enough for separate treatment.

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Kris gave Anna a bracelet for her birthday.

Tell me when I should be there.

We only want to help you, Siegurd.