"Why are you lying to me?" "I'm not lying."

They'll believe anything.

Take this pill. It will help you sleep.

He's shown no appreciable change of attitude.

Taste cold steel!

The cat on the tree came down to me.


It was one of those things.

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I'm loved by my parents.

He came, he saw, and he lost.

The loss was a disappointment.

In London there are a lot of different events which one would like to join.

There's so much I want to teach you, Cris.

The slaughter of the prisoners was a barbarous act.

He said to me, "You look sad. What is the matter with you?"


Heidi attempted to climb over the fence.

Here's my address.

Everything chose to go wrong during his absence.

Why did you sign the confession?

I thanked her for her kind hospitality.


I could help you there.

There's also another possibility.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what books would you want to have with you to read?

I'm afraid we have a problem.

They left the movie early.

Would you two excuse me one moment?

It took me a long time to recover from pneumonia.


What's your home address?

How can I reach you?

How's it going to happen?


I cannot rinse the dishes. There is no water.

What did you want me to do?

This is the captain speaking.


Spring sows, autumn reaps.

My mother made me study for three hours last night.

I paid him last week.

In the sight of God, all men are equal.

Please show me the way to the business section.

He's living his role to the hilt.

I met Pradeep last night.

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Mexico is a country in North America.


I'd really appreciate it.

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I'm happy for Louiqa and Pontus.

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Chiqui is a good parrot.


Yesterday I met Jenine on the way to school.


Jerry underestimated Marie.

She has a graceful carriage.

Are you ready for bed?

I don't respond well to threats.

The car broke down on the way to the airport.

Do you usually wear a bike helmet?

Tell me what you're thinking about.

Christofer's life's in danger.

We're like brothers.

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It was really good to see you.


There was nothing you could've done to help.


How long have you been waiting?

I couldn't afford to buy everything we needed.

"If I'm thirsty, wake me up". "When are you thirsty?" "Every time you wake me up"

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Dominick is getting a teaching degree.

It is better to die honorably than to live in disgrace.

She gave me one last chance.

We're very serious about this.

Hop in.

I know who killed him.

Both girls have blue eyes.

I didn't see Russell on Monday.

The accident happened, but they couldn't help it.


I found a note on the table, but I don't know who it's from.

I was just teasing you.

You're one stubbornly indecisive guy, you know that? If you have something to say to me, say it now, and clearly.

Do you see that house? It's mine.

Murray studied Germans in college.

Did you know that foxes live on this mountain?

Saify is a beautiful girl.

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Last night I had a strange dream.

Don't you speak Tatoeban?

I am disturbing Leora because she always disturbs me.

Her new hat caught my notice.

Kids can be so mean.


Don't forget to remind Albert to feed the dog.

Will you pay attention, please?

His mother's letters were an anchor to the boy.

Don't come near to the bulldog in case it bites.

Nothing will hinder my malicious plan.


Dan had three thousand flying hours.


Let's figure this out together.

She pleaded with him not to disturb her.

We have two dogs. One is black and the other is white.


Did you suggest that to them?

I think we can do that.

I believe her story.

Kirk seems to be babbling.

She made up her mind to be a secretary.

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I understand your dilemma.

I wanted to be with you.

You're just like your brother.


Horst had no choice but to give Ramon what she wanted.

I let her win.

You're free to leave now.

Father was in a bad mood since he couldn't play golf because of bad weather.

Val wanted Raul to help him.

She's rich, but he's not.

I like how it sounds.

Phiroze has immunity.

I was surprised to see your name on the board.

Hartmann lost consciousness.

Carisa is nervous, too.


He's the oldest of my group.

I like camels.

Naren still hasn't responded.

I am taking an extended break from the Internet.

Who would you like to speak to?


We feel Thad needs some spiritual guidance.

That's why so many students are absent today.

He waited ten minutes.


Are you going to help me?

Eugene is going to explain it to me.

What kind of person would treat their pet that way?


Stay in the car.

If you wish to speak with many people, you ought to learn Esperanto. Why this language? Because it is both beautiful and stimulates our study. An international language is of great moment because there are so many people in the various countries of the world. And besides, Esperanto is not only useful but easy to learn. If you speak Esperanto you can travel in many countries. Come and learn it!

Do you think you can help Suu with that?

He asked whether he was rich.

I know you think it's important.

I'm grateful to you for your help.

I've been looking for him.

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Ranjit is obviously shaken.

His appearance led me astray.

Someone is coming over.

You were very clear.

Is the bank far from here?

I think you're amazing.

They're lost.


I ordered pizza by telephone.


The elevators aren't working.

I hate this teacher.

What is driving her?

The vast majority of children love ice cream.

The lawyer's fee was very high.


Herbert stumbled out the door.

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I was hoping Jock would have time to come over and help us move the piano.

I have no plans whatsoever.

They moved in the same circles.

I think it's disgusting.

People in Brazil were proud of him.


Jock showed up when we least expected it.

I've already fed the dog.

Deborah might do the same.

We solved that problem last week.

A man of wealth has to pay a lot of income tax.


This book seemed hard to read to me.

Everybody was startled.

I was your student a few years ago.


The EU's unity is gradually becoming shakier.


Pam is a sore loser.

I think it's unfair.

I'd be happy if you'd call me Sedat.

Sometimes, things are more beautiful when you look at them from a different angle.

But it was all for no avail.


Never wish anyone harm!

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I'm sick of the hypocrisy.