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No other mountain in Japan is higher than Mt. Fuji.


The statesman is worthy of respect.


It happened that I was not in London at that time.


Make ten copies of that document and bring it to conference room number 1.


I know that she knows.

The museum is open to the public.

I love the sound of rain on the roof.

I got dressed early, but the workmen have not yet arrived.

Why are we going this way?

Catherine was on the same bus as I was.

My legs ache from sitting on tatami.


He stooped to put on his shoes.

Jan gave up smoking.

Major may not wait any longer.

Ten years is a long time.

The embassies of all the foreign countries are in Paris.


I thought this was something we both wanted.

I still think of her.

I think this is for you.

Suck my dick!

They didn't touch anything.

I have to obey my superiors.

He was the king of rock-and-roll.


After what happened that night, she stopped talking to me.

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The boy has no food.

Izzy acted like he didn't know Julie.

Come and drop by!

Hirofumi's answer was different than Alvin's.

William has a degree in electrical engineering.

I hope you will have a good time in Europe.

I don't want you to do anything you're going to regret.

Get out of bed.

This is Italy.

His lips touched mine.

Dalton certainly was drunk last night.

Rajarshi's exaggerating.

First, I'll try to understand why he thinks so.


I watched a great movie yesterday.

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I helped Vladimir even though I was busy.

The withered flower still had intact petals.

Do you mind if I join you?

We need at least another hour.

Leung said he didn't want to eat at that restaurant.

If you divide any number by zero, the result is undefined.

Are we losing a day on the way to America?


Don't let him eat the bread.

His mother is American.

Can you smell it?

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"What will trigonometric functions ever do for me in the future?!" "If you have time to whine, why don't get your housework done quickly instead?!"


Winning is always nice.

Lawrence didn't commit the crime they've accused him of.

He put on a hat.

Happy German Unity Day!

She testified against him.

Lonhyn often gets ear infections.

What's this dog's name?

I prefer tea over coffee.

Did you hear that our neighbor was fooling around with a younger woman?


The two players in the lead earned the same number of points, so the competition will go into a tiebreaker.


I don't know how you feel and I don't want to either.


I learned everything important in life from mangas.

Huey shaved his head.

I do not know whether to take it as a compliment or an insult.


I don't care how much money you have.

I can't trust anybody.

She wore a pretty hat.


You have gained weight.


Let's go to the mountains.

That concert was a complete disappointment.

I knew you wouldn't have enough money.

Tears won't do you any good.

She was disappointed in love.

I designed it.

Dana was released immediately.

His grandfather is still very healthy for his age.

An old pond. A frog jumps in. The sound of water.


Why are you jumping?

I was a baby in those days.

She made a few vague comments about the matter.

Peggy won't be home until tomorrow.

To defend their land has now become a sin?

Angus asked me if he could borrow my umbrella.

Is it made of wood or metal?


Please put your shoes on.

He ran away as soon as he saw me.

It's cold in Idaho in the winter.

She opens the window.

One word and you're a dead man.

What kind of teacher do you want to be?

That won't happen.

Lester thought Lindsey would come to his party.

I always buy a top quality product even if it is slightly more expensive.

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I'd like to improve my French pronunciation.

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I don't like their language.


He supposes that you will book seats.

I had a study date with Teri.

I wouldn't do that to anybody.


Something seems to have caught Sam's attention.


After two days our food gave out.

Obstetricians also bear a high risk of suits.

As our time comes to an end, Sandra, would you care to have the final word?

Why not just quit?

We're concerned about it.

I don't tan very easily.

We can normally conceal our thoughts from others.

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I've never been to Spain. However, I have been in Italy.

You have to wait on a long line to get into the Louvre Museum.

It was yesterday that he went there.

Akira can play tennis well.

You are so jealous, right?

There was carnage.

Stay the hell away from me!

I know everything that you've done.

I am expecting a letter from her.

I want to breathe some fresh air.

Your dress is already out of fashion.


I should never go shopping without you.

I don't have a desk in my bedroom.

She was a bit embarrassed.

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I haven't read very many books in French.

The car overtook me.

Ice melts in water.

Who locked the dog outside?

Dan was considering a divorce.


The only flight available is a red eye flight next week.

Ned didn't want anything to do with Philip.

Let's resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.


I heard everything you just said.

Isaac sat alone at the kitchen table.

I think Ron didn't understand the joke.

Sandy loved apples when he was a kid.

I'd never do anything so stupid.


He is very learned.

Allan let out a sigh of relief.

I perspire a lot at night.

What do you like to eat for lunch?

You had better speak more naturally.


I used to be married to a woman who looked a lot like you.


There have been many attempts to poison Hurf.

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I can show you the pictures.

The printer had a paper jam.

I've still got things to do.

I think Micah knows something.

The door is shut fast.


I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave now.

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What seems to be the problem with your car?

I'm saving money for a car.

It's game time!


There's one thing you need to know about Grant.

I get up early in the morning.

Jarmo died after a long illness.

Looking at your Facebook friends' photos is a waste of time.

Hire a minivan by the hour.

Buckle up, sit down, shut up and hold on.

I know how to count to 100.

How many hours are left?

Would you hand me that?

Fight fire with fire.

He got a good appointment.

Why didn't you stay with me?

I like your style.