It isn't futile to go to university.

Moses thinks he knows what Edgar wants.

Harry heard King call his name.

You want to stay alive, don't you?

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Are you still living with your parents?

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He dislocated his shoulder.

Does Murph know how to do this?

Both Emily and Eli are my friends.

He's very fond of reading.

At 90, Sumitro's grandmother still leads a very active life.

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A good sailor only requires a short time to get his sea legs.

Would you and your friends like to play basketball with us?

He was tempted to retort, but thought better of it.


I can hardly stand it.

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I'm very happy here.

Do you like the city?

I think we've all made mistakes.

We don't have a plan.

He ascended the ladder halfway.


I learned many of Takuboku's poems by heart.


Theodore is the new boss.

His behavior alienated his friends.

Billie and Knudsen are nice.

They make frequent trips to Europe.

Having no will is the worst handicap.

He wakes up at noon.

Yesterday I saw an interesting TV program.

Did you find a doctor?

You should put on a raincoat because it's cold outside.

How do you know that light travels faster than sound?

We were really hoping to buy a fishing boat.

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I know that Colin was there a few hours ago.

I was watching him.

Saqib isn't going to let Earle get to him.

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That's what I told the police.

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It was truly inspirational.


He went into business on his own account.

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That's exactly what Tanaka thinks.

I just figured out who you are.

I'm terrible at tennis.

I want to have a word with her.

What did he do during the holidays?

My special talent is that I become friends with anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Could you please help me? I've lost an important document.

They finished their meal.

Drinking alcohol on the street or in parks is illegal in most of the United States.

I'm not used to this kind of hard work.

I'm writing a letter to Soohong now.

Joyce apologized for his son's rude behavior.

Changes in water availability, both episodic and long-lasting, will constrain different forms of energy production.

Maybe Seymour could sing at your wedding.

I don't think we really need to attend that meeting.


I can't do anything to stop what's happening.


What else can you expect?

He never sticks to anything very long.

His face radiated enthusiasm.

Be nice to them.

Do you think it might not have been an accident?

She got a flat tire on her way home.

Do you think Lum is funny?

Our mayor is a good and wise man.

Talk to Lorraine again.

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Maarten was waiting for us.

John is interested in golf.

Dana started using anti-aging cream when she was 14.

Will you be much longer?

I've just been reassigned.


You're very sweet.

Kit says he isn't sleepy.

Nobody's going to believe that.

The natural feed of horses is grass.

Projects like Tatoeba can help the Berber language survive.

What is the cheapest restaurant around here?

He tried to make both ends meet.


Get off my car.

Part is ready for you.

Where do you think Barton wants to spend his summer vacation?

Becky is a farmer.

You'll recognize her.


Due to my illness, I couldn't visit you.


It is strange that he is not here. He always comes at this time.


That's my friend Rachel. We go to school together.

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Find out what kind of a person he is.

My heart just sank.

The scientists tracked the birds using small radio transmitters on their backs.

I know that I'm supposed to enjoy this class, but I don't.

Kevan got very agitated.

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I explained it to her.

Just stay out of it.

How many students do you have?


The stars look dim because of the city lights.


He has a great deal of property.

I think Hienz is up to something.

Kitty recalls how happy Nick was.

I only need a minute.

Why are you sleeping in a place like this?

Gasoline became so expensive that we had to let our car go.

He has some experience in teaching English.

It'll take you a few weeks to get used to wearing a wig.

Cynthia is looking for another job.

Nathan thought he was surrounded at night by threatening spirits.

I gave Kari many chances.


I just want you to know that Diana is safe.

Thus Do They All.

It was a hot day.

Why can't we go and see him?

Children want to act like grown-ups.

I'm so mad I want to scream and break everything!

Tal is above average height.

Did you find Triantaphyllos or not?

They both screamed.

I decided not to go.

Ilya is hardly ever late for appointments.

I told them you were coming.

How many phone numbers does Jeanne have?

Self-diagnosis can be dangerous.

They continue being stubborn.

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He was perplexed at the unexpected result.

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I have no religion.

Brandon kisses her child a hundred times a day.

You kept count, didn't you?

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I'm over with the mission.

Len lost a lot of money gambling.

The doctor advised Mr White not to smoke too much.


I can't blame you. It was my fault.

He's getting used to the situation.

Ian's a loner who shuns close relationships.


Is there anything else I need to know?

I greet my teacher on the street.

These things are much better spoken about face to face so that we can draw diagrams and demonstrate timings on logic analyzers and oscilloscopes where necessary.

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She looked askance at him.

The drummer was Vern.

He wears his hair long.

I'm counting on you to be strong.

The applause grew to a roar when Pinocchio, the famous donkey, appeared in the circus ring.

I hope we'll see them again.

The United States had nuclear weapons.

How many of you are going?

I've got a 38.9 degree fever.

I've never seen you so tense.

Don't you know?

You've helped us so much.

I can't stand rudeness.


I never sleep.


Those present at the meeting were surprised at the news.

I went to drink a beer with friends.

Your visit has cheered him.


I love the way you take care of me.

It can be said that Armenians are a mixture of various races.

I suggest you rest for a while.

Donald J. Trump is the President-elect of the United States.

Did you know that if you plug a pickle into an electrical outlet, it glows and makes buzzing noises?

Boyce is looking at himself in the mirror.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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I don't live here.

It's impossible to release his foot from the trap.

They quarreled among themselves.

Oh yeah? Wanna play this game? Don't get me started or it could all end up badly.

I'm going to go take a nap.


Proper clothes count for much in business.

Stanly can't have written this letter.

Could you share your honest opinion on this issue?


Come quickly.