I think we're all used to the food now.

Customers have to be satisfied.

Do you work with her?

I like Japanese rice pillows; they are good for my neck.

Stagger isn't going to listen.

I'm dying for a piss.

Please let me know the status.

You'd be good at it.

Amir is dizzy.

Have you ever sold a car?

Love is hard to define.

Nichael drove really fast.

The commemorative ceremony ended with the closing address.

She lay awake all night.

The medicine gave instant relief.

Phew! That was close!


There is no excuse for his delay.

Kyung tossed another log on the fire.

The boy liked throwing eggs at people from the window of his flat.

I want to know everything about it.

What makes you think I want to spend Christmas with Spy?

Stacy has been working in an investment bank for the last few years.

We spent a wonderful day at the beach!

I am a teacher.

Please give my regards to your father.


The man left the restaurant without paying.

My books don't sell very well.

I'm sure you'll recover.

Blood runs in the veins.

I wait for you in Turin!

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This music is giving me a headache.


For understandable reasons, they have been rejected.

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Everyone knew everybody else.

The armored glass is made of a super-resistant material, distributed in layers.

Jesper and Kusum were both wearing heavy winter coats.

I can write my name in Chinese.

The enemy kept up the attack all night.

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It is out of fashion.

She encouraged her children to learn Finnish.

Would you excuse us just a second?


Whose house is this?

There was only a faint chance of success.

I came to Toronto at the beginning of June.


Kathy needed our help, so we helped him.


Argentina fought a war with Great Britain over the Falkland Islands.

I think Jacques is crazy.

That's all I needed to hear.

Why didn't you just pay her?

Werner is a highly-trained member of the special forces.

His behavior is nothing like his father.

Are they coming here tomorrow?

Please remember me to all your family.

The concert was a bit disappointing.

It gets dark at five now.

Stop asking so many questions.

Who was where?

Kenji plays tennis.

Scotland is famous for its water.

I appreciate all your advice.


The tongue ever turns to the aching tooth.

We're not taking anything.

You cannot judge a person if you don't know him well.

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I think if you're artistic in any way, you're probably born with it. I guess it's a talent that can be learned here and there, but I think the instinct to tell a story or to create something happens maybe in the womb.


My mother has been learning French for several years.

The student ordered the book from New York.

His views are in accord with mine.


I just want to be certain that it's OK.

I'm amazed at his nerve.

Sheila also has plans to go there.

My mother is a sister of theirs.

Don't start that again.

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Why did you leave him alone?


That child has to be restrained.

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Charleen certainly is an old man.


He is fluent in Chinese.

John caught a tiger and shot two lions.

Cashmere wool comes from Cashmere goats.

Sandy wasn't nice.

And every day the boy would come and he would gather her leaves and make them into crowns and play king of the forest.

We see each other once a month.

The bus stop is quite handy.

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I know what we should do.


You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time; but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.

She doesn't want to talk to me now, and I don't know why.

Izumi is walking down the hall.


She called while I was out.

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That's a strange question.

It'd be a shame to see all that work go to waste.

I'll be better in a minute.


Rand wasn't pleased.

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The meat, although cooked, isn't completely free of microorganisms.

James knew something bad had happened.

Geoffrey felt at home.

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Nobody noticed my absence?

Drive on.

Please don't tell me to stop drinking.


The gods forever graciously abide with you!

They translated the text.

Rajarshi may not be hungry.

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He was as gentle a man as ever lived.


Do you need it now?

I'm doing this for Niels.

Part has everything a man could want.


Why the devil do you come to me saying you've lost your dog? What have I got to do with whether you buy yourself another one?

Are you going to attend the meeting?

I had my suitcase carried to my room.

I think you know what I'm talking about.

Calvin and Per have known each other since 2013.

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Everett was surprised by Nici's choice of words.

Love has never killed anyone.

I regarded the man as an enemy.

He must have seen me.

You can't ignore Aaron's request.

How big he is!

Nobody knows this.

Stewart started clearing the table.

This country is rich in mineral resources.


This building looks large from the front, but not from the side.

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Kenji plays tennis.

Do you want me to open this now?

What a beautiful painting. Who did you get it from?


The examinations will begin on Monday next week.


Bradford said he had a knife.

I created a shortcut on the desktop.

Men and women between the ages of 25 and 54 have the most stressful lives.

Put the key under the mat.

Olaf asked Marcel to tell him about the house she had lived in when she was a child.

Beautiful weather, isn't it?

Pete looks terrifying.

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Loren took a picture of his dog and sent it to Syd.


I wanted to kill you.

It needs new batteries.

We can't tell her and her younger sister apart.

I don't want to be like those people that lose their health in the search for money and then lose their money in the search for health.

And Tony was the oldest.

Quite a few people came to the party.

I know he left for London.


Nici is glad it's over.


Tor often changes his mind.

You don't get a say in this.

Where's the book I need?

He decorated it.

Career opportunities, flex-time, satellite offices, and more childcare facilities are required to make women at home join the work force.

I wonder why Stevan is late.

Hunter lives right around the corner.

I was the only one who didn't know.

Some of the things he said got under my skin.

Could it have been them?

Once the complaining starts, it never ends.

I was very busy today.

Would people complain about that?


Claudia isn't so old, is he?


I used to drive a truck.

Why aren't you doing something about it?

He will be a good doctor.

What do you think is in that box?

Price became discouraged.


Monica should call a lawyer.


Mother bought a beautiful doll for her.