Rent 4G Devices with Trabug

4G Data and Voice Plans with Free India Roaming

Rent mobile phone in India
  • Smartphone with apps & services
  • 4G Data, Voice, Texts
  • Free incoming calls & texts
  • Plans starting from $2.99 per day
Rent pocket wifi hotspot device in India
  • Small, light & portable
  • 4G Data
  • Free texts |Coming Soon
  • Plans starting from $2.49 per day
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Who is Trabug for ?

Trabug is for foreigners travelling to India. Whether you are a tourist travelling for business, leisure or a special purpose, Trabug provides a hassle free experience of staying connected in a foreign country.

What is Trabug ?

Trabug offers mobile phone and WiFi hotspot device, powered by a 4G connection and compatilble with all Indian networks. You need not get into the 901-612-8843 or buy an obsolete feature phone to make it work.

What do you get when you subscribe to Trabug ?

You get a Portable (Pocket) Wifi Hotspot device or a Smartphone (Mobile Phone) with a 4G Data and voice plan. Our cell phones has our special application on it which gives you information and services you would need on the go. For e.g. you can call a cab or request for change of currency or get emergency information.

How do you get Trabug?

Trabug Customer’s Reviews

(5 / 5)

“I recently used Trabug during my stay in India. I was impressed by the quality of service provided. The staff was very professional and helpful. They answered every question I had literally within minutes. And the phone/internet service they provided was very fast and reliable. I experienced no glitches whatsoever. For me it's the perfect solution for travelers to India. The phone they provided had some very helpful apps for travelers. Thanks again for the great experience! I will use it again in the future.”

Thomas Kleinschmidt
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